Click on the topics to the left to explore our foodservice reports. The reports cover a wide range of restaurant market research and foodservice trends information that assist foodservice operators and manufacturers in meeting the needs of the ever-changing foodservice consumer.

Information and insights provided in the reports are used for strategic planning and positioning, product performance tracking, product/menu development support, and identifying the best potential customer.

Note: Our reports are based on information collected from CREST behavioral data. Some reports also include information from custom online surveys which are completed by a nationally representative sample of U.S. men and women, age 18 and older, who are members of NPD's online consumer panel.

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Fast Casual Report — See Why They’re Winning

Fast casual restaurants now account for 5 percent of the QSR marketplace. What are they doing right?

A decade ago, when fast casual restaurants hit the restaurant scene, they generated considerable industry attention. Positioned as a fresh alternative to traditional fast food, with attention placed on food quality and service, many grew quickly. Continued growth even in the face of a slower economy has the industry wondering what these restaurants are doing right and how that translates to other segments.

A growing market — get your fair share!

The report answers these critical questions — and the ones on your mind:

Uncover what fast casual restaurants are doing right, and learn from their winning strategies.

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Reaching The Millennial Generation Report

Uncover your best opportunities among consumers ages 18 to 29.

Despite spending more than $73 billion on foodservice meals and snacks last year, young-adult consumers ages 18 to 29, or "Millennials," were hit especially hard by the U.S. economic downturn. At a time when careful spending is the name of the game, it's critical for you to find effective ways to communicate with this important consumer segment.

The Reaching The Millennial Generation Report delivers new information and analysis from consumers and our team of foodservice analysts. You'll get a clear view of what motivates and satisfies Millennials when it comes to foodservice meals and snacks.

You can use it to . . .

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The Changing Consumer Mindset: What it Means to the Restaurant Industry

As the foodservice industry works to recover from the Great Recession, marketers know they're dealing with a "new normal." Employment, income, financial situation, and other factors contribute to the overall consumer mindset – and lately, the mindset has been fixed on cautious spending.

The Changing Consumer Mindset report divides U.S. foodservice customers into two groups, "Optimists" and "Controlled Spenders," to help you understand the current consumer mindset and what it means for the restaurant industry. It delivers data from a range of sources – from our own CREST® and The Economy Tracker to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and The Pew Research Center.

You get a new view of consumers' attitudes about the economy, concerns about specific social issues, and outlook on their financial situation. It's new information straight from consumers.

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Consumers Define Healthy Eating When They Go Out To Eat

To meet your customers' needs and address legislative pressure, you first must understand what healthful eating really means to your customers. The NPD Group's latest report delivers new information about how healthy eating varies by type of restaurant. It also offers an in-depth view of consumers' perceptions about their own healthy-eating habits.

Armed with the new report, Consumers Define Healthy Eating When They Go Out To Eat, you can make fact-based decisions about possible menu modifications and new product introductions. After all, when you understand what your customers want and need, it's easier to communicate how your company can help them eat healthier.

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Satisfying Our Taste for Beverages

While certain beverages have fared relatively well and even grown in commercial foodservice recently, these gains have not offset lost orders for other beverages. From hot coffee to frozen drinks, our new report explores beverage sales in commercial foodservice. You'll find out where the losses are occurring, so you can develop more targeted promotional messages and turn this trend around.

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